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Our Focus

How is the MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care Structured?

The Institute has three primary areas of focus:


Research and Analytics: Focused on the effort to acquire evidence that informs treatment and the need to assess the benefits and burdens of new systems of care, the Research and Analytics team oversees data acquisition and management, and the conduct of independent research. A Director of Clinical Research and Analytics coordinates protocols focused on treatments and the role of telehealth in palliative care. A Director of Health Disparities and Outcomes Research manages studies to improve access to care and determine ways to improve clinical outcomes and reduce cost.

Lara Dhingra, PhD
Director of Health Disparities and Outcomes Research

Helena Knotkova, PhD
Director of Clinical Research and Analytics

Education and Training: Devoted to growing the workforce needed for patient care, the Education and Training team manages training programs for physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and others. The Director of Education and Training works closely with a Director of Medical Education, Director of Pharmacy Internship and educators from diverse disciplines to create programs, including fellowships and internships for specialists. It also offers face-to-face as well as internet-based programs for non-specialists.

Colleen Fleming-Damon, PhDc, APRN-BC, ACHPN-BC, C.T.
Director of Education and Training

Quality and Performance Improvement: Committed to the development of quality measures and strategies that may be broadly applied to new programs in community-based palliative care, the Quality and Performance Improvement team implements quality activities, including tracking and trending of quality metrics for hospice and palliative care, and rapid cycle quality performance improvement programming.

Marilyn Bookbinder, RN, PhD, FPCN
Director of Quality and Performance Improvement

Underpinning all Institute activities is advanced, web-based training and other technology-driven initiatives to optimize information management, communication and education. There is also a highly developed grants management function to support continued innovation and growth.